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Edin Dzemat

The chefs signature

Edin Dzemat has had an amazing career. He has a lot of experience in gastronomy and has run many successful restaurants. He has also been in charge of the Swedish National Culinary Team.

What does your choice of watch mean to you?
I have always been really interested in watches. I remember buying my first exclusive watch after saving for years, it cost 12.000 SEK. For some reason the watch has become the chef’s signature; you can see that many chefs around the world spend a lot of money on timepieces. It’s an important detail for sure. When I choose a watch I put a lot of thought and love into the decision. I want to choose the right one and it also needs to fit the way I dress.

Has cooking always been a passion?
Cooking has always been and still is my absolute favorite thing to do. Not two days are the same and I will never get fully taught. You learn something new every day, and when you manage to find those perfect flavor combinations it is pure joy for sure.

What inspires you? 
I am inspired by man and nature itself, everything around is moving so fast. I find my inspiration when I travel around the world. I also get inspiration from spending time in the nature, fishing, hunting and meeting unique people.


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