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Sverre Liliequist

Skiing is freedom

In Sverre’s line of business, it’s all about exact timing down to hundredths of a second, just like it is for us at Sjöö Sandström. Our mutual strives for perfect timing and presence makes him a perfect partner for us. Sverre has an incredible ski career behind him and his aim for excellence has shown off in the international world of free skiing due to his fantastic skills and showmanship.

How has the skiing scene developed since you started?

Skiing is freedom, its racing, its friendship, in that sense nothing has changed. Of course, skiers around the world is getting more technical, more crazy or faster than ever, but I believe the passion stays the same. Products now a day allow more people to get out to explore more, to give more people the chance to enjoy the sensation on flying down a mountainside. Skis are better, boots are lighter, ski lifts are smoother etc.


Sverre has enjoyed great international achievements on the alpine scene for many years. Among his finest and most reputable hours in free skiing is his incredible backflip with an avalanche behind him during the Skiers Cup in Zermatt 2013.


Which is you favorite spot in the world?

I love living in the now, as I do when I’m in a big skiing run. Nothing can disturb me, Im 100% focused on what I love to do. That is my favorite spot in the world.


What inspires you?

People with a passion for what they do, and the drive to do so whatever it takes. To choose your own path and not be afraid to walk against the stream.


On the wrist, Sverre has chosen to wear UTC Extreme. Not only because it’s a perfect fit due to the challenges skiing exposes him to, but also because it’s a perfect fit for his active lifestyle in general.


What does your choice of watch mean to you?

I want a reliable watch that also fits my style. Something that works in any situation and that looks good at the same time. I also like the heritage of things and want to support good local business.


What does Sjöö Sandström mean to you?

Sjöö Sandström means simplicity, quality and style, and maybe the most important, it’s from Stockholm, my hometown that I love!


Why is your personality and Sjöö Sandström a perfect match?

Its a way for both of us to stand out a little bit from both our normalities, and we share the passion for quality and style, its a way of life.

Thank you Sverre and we will as always keep an eye on what you are up to!

On the wrist, UTC Extreme Black I Black.
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