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A tribute to our icon – Celebrating 25 years with a limited edition

25th year anniversary of Royal Steel Classic

This year Sjöö Sandström is celebrating the 25th anniversary of our iconic and casually elegant Royal Steel Classic.To understand the journey of Sjöö Sandström it’s impossible to neglect the importance of Royal Steel Classic. The watch has kept its course across almost three decades in terms of design, dependability, and popularity.The Royal Steel Classic has since the launch met great appreciation for its design, not only by winning several design awards, but most importantly by being so popular amongst customers in Sweden as well as abroad.

25 years of Swedish Craftsmanship

The Royal Steel Classic is of great importance for Sjöö Sandström. The iconic wristwatch, that has a design which has made impact on many of the other models, brought the company into a new era of watch making. The timepieces are, just as back in 1986 when Sjöö Sandström was founded, handmade and assembled by skilled watchmakers, at the workshop in Stockholm.


Royal Steel Classic is not only a significant part of the past, but it’s also a significant part of the future. Therefore, the Royal Steel Classic 25th anniversary will be celebrated with a tribute to the first wristwatch ever to be manufactured in Sweden. The celebration will be a limited-edition Royal Steel Classic 25th Anniversary model. A watch that has proven its ability to keep pace with time while preserving the key facets of a legend. The watch will be limited to 100 pieces and featured with a unique “anniversary” closed case-back and a newly designed dial.

We are proud to announce this celebration and we would like to thank all of you that have been a part of Sjöö Sandström’s journey throughout the past 32 years. We invite you to celebrate this 25th anniversary with us.


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