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5 quick questions to our Management

Sjöö Sandström has been manufacturing watches for 35 years and a lot has happened as the market has changed and technology has advanced. Sjöö Sandström has grown stronger over the years and we constantly strive to develop at the same time as we cherish our classic Swedish design.
Our Managing Partners are really looking forward to a new year and have answered a few questions about the future and what to expect.

Kristofer Johansson – Managing Partner


What is so special about a Sjöö Sandström watch?

It tells a story and is not just a watch. As a consumer, you make an active choice when you choose a Sjöö Sandström and it raises the feeling around the wrist. We hope you carry it with passion for our Swedish craftsmanship.


What would you say to those that buy smart watches?

As long as you wear a watch, it’s great. A smart watch is a fantastic product that can facilitate in many different situations, but we also believe that you want to wear something else that says more about who you are. We also hope you enjoy the “real” watch as well.


How do you see the industry developing in the future?

Those who “dare” to stick to their DNA but also challenge the industry in a new and intuitive way will succeed best. It is becoming increasingly important to dare to expose the brand in a more humane way. To not only look ahead in the customer cycle but also take care of existing customers who form the basis of a brand.


Which is your dream watch for Sjöö Sandström to manufacture?

A watch that stands up to time over many decades. A watch that can be worn with passion for our brand. The simplicity of a product that is timeless.


Sweden VS Switzerland why choose Swedish?

Why choose when you can combine both. Protecting the craft we are so proud of in Sweden is a fantastic opportunity we have as customers. I would probably say that it is a matter of course that you should feel proud that we have our own watch brand in our segment in Sweden today.

Royal Steel Classic 41mm

Felix Formark – Managing Partner


What makes a Sjöö Sandström watch unique?

Sjöö Sandström’s uniqueness lies in the fact that the watches are built by hand in our workshop based on the design that the buyer chooses. All designers and watchmakers work together at Sjöö Sandström’s premises in Stockholm and produce every watch from ear to loaf, and from there all aftermarket and new production is run.


What are Sjöö Sandström plans for 2021?

In a challenging time, we believe in being clear and consistent. 2020 was challenging in many ways, but now we are really looking forward to a more normal everyday life. We will continue to develop the brand and challenge the predictable.


Why buy a Sjöö Sandström watch?

Sjöö Sandström does not stand in the eyes of people. Our watches are not flashy and no status symbol that the average person recognizes. You do not care so much about trends but make a conscious choice and buy what you want. We maintain a fantastic quality, protect the craftsmanship and challenge the predictable, I think people like that.


Will the Chronolink be back in production?

It is an amazing watch and our icon. It would be very fun to launch it again sometime in the future. Right now it is not in the plan, but it should also be added that it is a product we work and discuss around continuously.


What will be most challenging in 2021?

First of all I think to adapt to the new that comes after Covid-19 and what it has done to our behaviors and patterns in everyday life. But we really look forward to being a part of creating the new normal. Many choose to either just sit and wait for what the future will bring or hope everything will be as usual again. Sjöö Sandström will continue its journey into the future in the best possible way.



We also want to take this opportunity to thank all of you who support us and like what we do. You make this possible and it gives us so much energy too just keep going.

Felix Formark & Kristofer Johansson
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